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Mar 20,2017 11:00 AM / Posted by James
1) Submit a bracket
2) Vote for your favorite characters
3) Win sweet prizes along the way
Mar 06,2017 01:45 PM / Posted by Amy

Back for our third week, we have a #PaltalkLoveStory from Kiddo (paltech) and lil_miss_snippy, together for 6 years! If you have a Paltalk Love Story, share @paltalk on Twitter with the hashtag #PaltalkLoveStory.

Şub 27,2017 12:45 PM / Posted by Amy

Here's our second #PaltalkLoveStory, featuring Merlin and Angel, together for 11 years! If you have a Paltalk love story for us, find us on Twitter @paltalk with the hashtag #PaltalkLoveStory.

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